“Alex and Zachary’s Deal Sheet is an invaluable asset, offering timely, high-quality insights for venture investors keen on tapping into the new economy.”


Note that the membership price is $3,500/year. Which we candidly believe is very worth it. Read below to learn more.

Dear Investor,If you are looking to access some of the highest-quality startups in the venture capital asset class…If you want to invest alongside tier 1 Venture Capitalists…And optimize your chances of investing in companies that produce outsized returns…Then Deal Sheet could be the best opportunity to join… and here’s why.First, a Warning:

  1. Risk 1 - High Failure Rate: The majority of startups fail. This high failure rate means there's a significant risk of losing your entire investment.

  2. Risk 2 - Illiquidity: Startup investments are typically illiquid, meaning you can't easily sell your stake if you need cash or want to exit the investment.

  3. Risk 3- Market Risk: The market for a startup's product or service may not develop as anticipated, or may change rapidly, affecting the company's viability.

The best angel investors leverage building a portfolio differently to generate outsized returns in venture capital.

The best angel investors are able to access some of the best companies led by the best founders.They don’t invest in 1-2 companies a year.They stay at it year over year to optimize & increase their chances of finding the 10x to 1,000x companies that can generate outsized returns.

We realized not every angel investor has direct access to these types of deals.Which made us think…It’s important that these angel investors have tons and tons of deals to evaluate in order to pick the ones they are most excited about.This is exactly how some of the world’s best angel investors have been able to build a large portfolio over time and invest in the many 100x companies.Jason Calacanis wrote the first check into Uber.Jeff Bezos invested as an angel in Google.Ron Conway invested in Facebook, Airbnb and others.There are so many examples of this…After having invested in hundreds and hundreds of companies…We wanted to build a product that provides the best access to individual accredited investors.…A product that curates the best startup investment opportunities every single week.Curated by 2 VC Syndicate leads that have invested in over 500 companies.To ensure the deals shared have an opportunity to produce outsized returns for individual investors.But also share multiple deals every single week so that individuals have a bunch of deals to choose from and decide where and how much to invest.

So we built it.We launched Deal Sheet.

With that said… let us jump in and explain Deal Sheet to you…Here’s exactly what you get:

  1. Sign up

  2. Every week you will get 1-5 curated deal opportunities (over 150 in a year) into rounds alongside professional VC’s for you to review and explore further

  3. You can invest at your discretion after reviewing deal mom, pitch deck, co-investors, terms & more.

  4. When you decide to invest, you can invest as little as $1k per deal, but can also go much higher. Of note, you can pass on deals, it’s completely up to you, but you don’t need to worry about deal flow or accessing these startups when they are raising…Deal Sheet does that for you.

Here’s a fraction of what you’ll discover…

  • High quality deals

  • Investing alongside top VC’s

  • Understanding of what technology companies are building

  • How to invest in outsized returning deals

  • Better understanding of startups

  • What deals VCs invest in

Why are we the most qualified and most experienced team to launch Deal Sheet?

Co-Founded by Alex Pattis and Zachary Ginsburg, together they have run over 800 SPVs and deployed over $200m. For the past 5 years they have consistently brought quality deals to individual investors to invest alongside.But now…They have opened up their entire network of other syndicate leads, to curate the best deals every single week.…and from over 50 different syndicate leads.With over 800 venture capital investments, Zachary and Alex have built unparalleled VC access over the years, and now packaged it up to ensure accredited investors can fully tap into their network and preferred economics.

What’s the advantage of Alternative Investments?

Venture capital (VC) has been a top-performing asset class over the past few decades, both overall and among alternative assets.From 2005 to 2018, VC funds had an average annual internal rate of return (IRR) of 22%, which is higher than the 16.6% average for other private equity (PE) funds.

However, dispersion of returns is wider in venture than anywhere else. The problem is every day accredited investors can’t access these opportunities.Most co-investment platforms charge high fees, can only access deals through investment bankers (in other words, there’s large adverse selection on these platforms) and are run by people who aren’t VCs.Deal Sheet levels the playing field with the industry’s smallest fees and some of the highest deal volume for individuals to make the investment call. We drive the opportunities directly to your inbox every single week.

So, what types of companies would you get to invest in?

Through our proprietary deal flow access and relationships with over 100 VC’s, we provide you access to the best deals within this outlier industry. Select investments that have been made available to Deal Sheet subscribers include…

Designed for People who want returns like the best Venture Capitalists!

Listen. It’s going to take a portfolio of top startups to drive outsized returns. It’s not going to be one single deal.This product optimizes your chances to access these outsized returns and spoon feeds you deals to build a strong portfolio of venture capital deals over time.Becoming a Deal Sheet customer will allow you to grow a large and diversified startup portfolio. We bet that in just a few years, you can build a larger and more diversified portfolio than 90% of angel investors, just by subscribing to Deal Sheet.

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You can get 1 full year of all in access to 150+ Deal Sheet deals at 10% carry for $3,500. We have already increased the price of our membership twice in the first six months and intend to again shortly.


Note that the membership price is $3,500/year. Which we candidly believe is very worth it. Read below to learn more.